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Dani Jackson

I am a certified school teacher, health coach and personal trainer.  My passion lies in raw food and my goal is to change the lives of children and their parents. 

We need to see a change in the way we eat.  Children today are developing diseases that only a few years ago were predominantly adult diseases.  These include sleep apnea, diabetes, early cancers, bone and joint problems and many more.  

It is my goal to teach you that healthy food can be incorporated into the daily life with ease.  Many parents are not aware of how to eat to ensure good health. Children follow their parents eating habits.  We are what we eat and healthy habits combined with an active lifestyle will increase the children's mental ability and empower them to strive for excellence in everything they do. 

My journey of healthy living began when I was 19 years old.  I was diagnosed with Hasimotos Graves' disease.  This is a condition which is very rare for young person to develop.  I had no clue why this had happened to me but my life seemed to fall apart as I sank into depression and gained a tremendous amount of weight after always being a sporty, happy, fit teenager.    

I had grown up on a diet of processed meals, takeouts and very little vegetables.  This combined with tremendous amounts of stress was a recipe for disaster.  I began reading about food and what it did for the body and I realised that food wasn't just there to be eaten it was their to heal and nourish the body.  14 years later I now live on a diet that is 60 percent Raw/Vegan.  I have never felt in better life and I never get sick.  I cannot imagine living on a diet that does not consist of living/ raw food that makes me feel amazing and full of life.  I want to empower you to make a change in your life too as well as your childrens. We were made to feel amazing.  Life life, eat well, be well! 

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